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3 Steps to Defend Your Retirement Against "Woke" ESG Investments

The ongoing push for Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies has driven retirement accounts into a downward spiral. Stagnant and oftentimes fading portfolios are being filled with “woke” investments thanks in large part to new guidance from the White House.

On top of politics, mega-money managers like BlackRock are pressuring businesses to focus less on profits and more on progressive causes like climate change and transgender rights even when doing so works against their customers and investors. We’ve seen this in action recently from companies like Anheuser-Busch and Target.

Americans are rightly moving their money into physical precious metals, but there’s a risk associated with rollover and transfer accounts that few are mentioning. Self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals are growing in popularity and as a result there are many companies who are taking advantage of the demand. There are huge differences in the way these accounts are set up, yet most in the industry offer a single path to their customers. What do “Big Gold” companies not want you to know?

“The most heartbreaking thing I see on a daily basis is when retirement accounts are butchered by unscrupulous gold companies,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “We often have to help people unwind accounts someone else made for them so we can get them in the right metals mix.”

As a faith-driven precious metals company, Genesis puts focus on integrity and customer service to help people protect their life’s savings. But it isn’t just the “woke” ESG funds that should concern them. “Big Gold” companies often put their clients into precious metals products that are not expected to appreciate, leaving them with the same problems of stagnation and decline that they had with their traditional retirement accounts.

“We stay on top of the trends and only hire experts who can guide our customers,” Rose continued. “This is a big differentiator for us because we hire the best consultants, not the best sellers per se.”

Genesis takes a three step approach to helping Americans protect their wealth from ESG, inflation, de-dollarization, banking crises, and all of the various threats to their life’s savings.

Step 1: Assess Your Accounts

Everyone’s situation is different. The various account types require specialized handling in order to avoid taxes and penalties. If mistakes are made during the process, it’s often difficult to reverse them which is why it’s crucial that Genesis Gold Group’s expert consultants have a full picture of how a client’s portfolio is designed.

“Our consultative method empowers our clients by giving them a full picture of the possibilities,” Rose said. “There are different approaches to rollovers and transfers that need to be considered on an individual basis. An educated customer is our best customer so we do everything we can to make this a learning experience in both directions.”

Step 2: Set Up Your Self-Directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals are not created equal. The many custodians and depositories available to Americans offer different benefits and challenges. Genesis Gold Group works with true professionals to make certain their clients have proper access to their funds when they need them.

Some companies will delay during this stage of the process based upon market conditions. Genesis Gold Group streamlines the process and makes it as painless as possible.

Step 3: Select the Right Physical Precious Metals Mix With You

The goals of the client and their personal preferences are paramount in selecting the proper mix of precious metals. Some are designed for easy disbursement so the metals can be shipped directly to the customer when the time comes. Others are best for sitting in the depository to appreciate in value as much as possible. Genesis Gold Group works with mints across the globe to offer the best possible choices for their clients.

“This can be the fun part,” Rose said. “Some of our clients didn’t even realize they get to choose which precious metals go into their depositories. Our experts work with them to craft the best mix to achieve their long-term goals.”

The Biggest Risk With ESG

Many Americans are annoyed by the push for ESG because of the “woke” factor, but there is a bigger concern for those with retirement accounts. The White House incentivized financial advisors to promote ESG funds in retirement portfolios. Despite bipartisan opposition to the new rules, President Joe Biden used his first veto to keep the measures in place.

This means portfolios may be filled with investments that prioritize ESG ideology over profits. For the first time in the history of capitalism, financial advisors have been authorized to go against the best interests of their clients in favor of promoting a political and cultural worldview.

Despite this, even BlackRock is recommending precious metals investments for the first time in decades. They recognize that they cannot continue to only lose money with their recommendations so they’re hedging their ESG push with precious metals.

“Gold is having a moment; one we believe is likely to continue. The precious metal has risen over 8% so far in 2023, thanks to a combination of positive factors,” the company’s analysists noted in a report to clients. “Gold fell from its May 3 high around $2050 per ounce amid expectations the U.S. would avoid missing the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. That said, the decline occurred after gold rallied nearly 30% from its 52-week low. If gold proves able to sustain a rally above its 10-year high of $2067, that may suggest another leg in the rally is likely.”

It behooves Americans to protect their life’s savings by working with a fellowship-driven company that puts the best interests of their clients ahead of incentivized “wokeness.” Contact Genesis Gold Group today and receive their free Definitive Gold Guide to get started.

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