There are three things Genesis Gold Group will NOT do to American citizens who want to protect their life’s savings.

  1. Genesis will NEVER try to push customers into “virtual” gold or gold futures that won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on if things go really south with the economy. We only deal in physical precious metals.
  2. Genesis will NEVER scam Americans with the marketing tactic of “Get $10,000 in ‘FREE’ Silver” because, as most know, nothing is truly free. The “free” silver they’re being offered will actually REDUCE the value of their Gold IRA.
  3. Genesis will NEVER charge insane markups on their products like those in the “Big Gold” racket do. This is why you will never see us in the news being charged by the SEC for fraudulent activities, unlike some gold companies out there (see below).
Genesis is a faith-driven, patriotic precious metals company with a focus on doing what’s best for our customers and for America. If you are ready to learn how we can assist in protecting your wealth or retirement, contact us below. Or, read on and learn more truths about Gold IRAs and how “Big Gold” treats customers.

“Genesis Gold Group is a conservative, fellowship-driven company that treats people honestly. They’re the only Gold IRA company I recommend.”

— Dean Cain

The Truth About Gold IRA Rollovers & Transfers

Gold IRA

Ever since the economic crash of 2008, most precious metals companies have been doing everything they can to get Americans to move their retirement accounts to self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals.

It can be a very lucrative sale for the precious metals companies. In some cases, it can be very beneficial to the customers as well. Unfortunately, most self-directed IRAs through rollover or transfer are burdened by high markups which prevent them from being the sound investment Americans expect from precious metals.

The biggest challenge is a lack of price integrity. The Securities and Exchange Commission has tried to crack down on “Big Gold” by telling them to be more transparent, but customers who are taken advantage of often don’t realize it for many years after purchase. Most never realize it at all.

Self-directed IRAs are not created equal. Genesis Gold Group is one of the few companies in the industry that refuses to take advantage of customers by overcharging for numismatic coins. As a faith-driven gold company, Genesis wants a win-win scenario that empowers their customers to protect themselves today while producing generational wealth through physical precious metals.

Often referred to as the “Gold IRA,” a self-directed IRA through Genesis is a private account that utilizes physical precious metals as well as other alternative assets, all of which are unavailable with traditional IRA accounts. These precious metals include gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, allowing for true diversity, and a reliable hedge against impending economic crisis.

Many precious metals companies try to entice inquiries by offering thousands of dollars in “free” silver as part of the purchase. But as Genesis Gold Group co-founder Jonathan Rose points out, there’s nothing free about it.

“Whatever excuses these companies make for being able to give away ‘free’ silver, don’t fall for it,” Rose said. “It’s like offering free floor mats with a used car. The cost of the ‘free’ silver is simply part of the exuberant markups these companies charge. It’s easy to offer 10% in ‘free’ silver when they’re charging 90% or more markup.”

The SEC recently charged a “Big Gold” company in connection with a fraudulent scheme to overcharge customers through self-directed IRAs. The company, which often offered thousands of dollars in “free” silver as part of their marketing, is accused of markups over 100%. Unfortunately, they’re not the only “Big Gold” company doing this. They’re just the most recent to get caught.

“I’m a true believer in the benefits of an expertly crafted Gold IRA,” Rose continued. “By working with us, Americans are able to protect their life’s savings today and take advantage of the opportunity for tremendous appreciation in the long-term.”

Gold has held value since the dawn of humanity. In the Book of Genesis, from which founders of Genesis Gold Group named their company, gold is mentioned as being valuable. Unlike many other investment types, gold has never been valueless. Having physical precious metals backing a retirement account is considered by many economists to be the safest choice in these tumultuous economic times.

“Most Americans have their retirement accounts tied up in markets that are not designed to withstand the economic challenges our nation faces today,” Rose said. “Between the banking crisis, inflation, deep recession, and national debt issues, it’s understandable why Americans are seeking the financial high ground of physical precious metals.”

Genesis Gold Group designs their self-directed IRAs to defend against fiscal challenges of today. But they’re also positioned to go on the offensive long-term by utilizing physical precious metals investments that have opportunity for appreciation. This is a discernible departure from most “Big Gold” companies which focus solely on products that earn them the biggest profits.

“By far the biggest differentiator for us is our customer service,” Rose said. “We believe word-of-mouth is the key to our long-term success, which is why our focus is on making sure the process is as seamless, transparent, and beneficial for our customers as possible.”

To learn more about getting started with a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals through Genesis Gold Group, contact us today and receive “The Definitive Gold Guide.” Many companies can sell self-directed IRAs, but Genesis Gold Group partners with our customers to truly protect their life’s savings.

“It could be time to buy gold and stockpile food.”
— Tucker Carlson